Soul Mates


Soul Mates

We search for soul mates thinking we will have the perfect love experience. Believing a soul mate will give us clarity to our beliefs, the deep feeling of intimacy, compatibility and trust. When we think of soul mates we associate the idea of an exclusive lifelong bond.
The idea or term soul and spirit can be used interchangeably; soul may imply “more worldly”, spirit would seek to rise above the entanglements of everyday thoughts of life and death.
Interpersonal relationship has the feelings that move from deep and close associations between two or more people and may be brief; they can be lasting for many years also. It is our nature to seek divine love , love that transcends us to higher purpose of creativity , the love we need to fulfill our destiny.
It is said love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant. Friendships can connect on the soul level. There is a tendency to be more open and trusting, patterns that mirror each other’s joy and pain and deep empathic feeling.
Both genders have great intuition and empathic powers, then again women act more on this than the male. It is said because women are more trusting and the male turns to his practical nature. This is one of the reasons women fall in love so easy and most time way before the male.
Karma mates can be soul connected. For those of us who believe in reincarnation, we keep connecting with our past and exchange roles in each lifetime reliving mistakes from many past life experiences that did not work out ,hoping to finally get it right so as to evolve to the next level and be rewarded and find the soul mate so we can live happily ever after .
Why do we feel the need to connect to another. Together we are stronger and it seems to be easier to share the Joy and receive the comfort when in pain and not to have fear when the lights go out …….Namaste


Birth chart


The birth chart shows our  potentials and tendencies.They say : Man is not what he is ,because he was born when he was. He was born when he was because he was potentially what he is.

All anyone can see in a birth chart are tendencies that will become facts if anyone does not do something to alter them.

Character is  destiny, We change  destiny by changing our attitudes and patterns of behavior. In doing so we change our destiny. Our free will comes through our self discovery.

Grandma Elizabeth


I love my fairy Godmother,  she was my Arminian grandmother.How lucky for me to have such a great mentor in my formative years birth to 6yrs  she was the woman who imprinted  my decision to stay on planet earth. I believe by the time we get closer to our departure from planet earth we can in our quite time reflect and find the ones who made  a mark on our hearts and this will always be there  even in the next lifetime.

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